Rocket paddle steamer

Taken from the P.S.Ostrich (1929), the slightly younger P.S.Tern (1948) was already moored up at the ferry quay in Dhaka.

In addition to the three veteran paddle steamers still run by the Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Corporation (BIWTC), there is also a new addition to the fleet, the M.V.Modhumati. Commissioned in mid 2015, this  new and luxurious modern triple-deck steamer has a capacity of 750 passengers and 100 tonnes of goods.

A Rocket leaves everyday at 06.30 pm (except Friday) reaching Hularhat at around 10.30 am and the terminus at Morelganj at 02.30 pm next day. From Morelganj, the Rocket leaves at 09.30 am for the return trip the following day to Dhaka taking about 20 hours, or more if the river is foggy. The service to Khulna has been suspended for some years due to lack of water in the river.

Coming alongside P.S.Tern, Dhaka, Bangladesh (February 2016)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA